Nurture Your Child’s Creativity, Love & Confidence For Music Through Play-Based Music Classes!

Help your little one find the joy in learning music in this trial class

  • Play-based learning in a nurturing environment - so that your little one enjoys learning about music
  • ​Dedicated, experienced and nurturing teachers who are committed to helping your little one excel in, and love music
  • ​A great way to cultivate lifelong confidence and curiosity through performance and improvisation
  • Developmentally-appropriate curriculum that features catchy songs and activities that your child will love
  • ​Tailored to your child’s ability - so even complete beginners can excel!

1-1 Or Group Trial Classes Available


Kickstart Your Little One’s Musical Journey - From As Young As 3.5 Years-Old!

Our classes are designed for all ages, and all musical competencies. Children 3.5 years and above can already come and learn the piano, have fun, and develop a love for music!

Here’s a sneak peek at what happens during the Little Pianists Program:

1-To-1 Or Group Classes Available, Tailored To Your Child’s Preferences & Abilities

We have 3 different piano programmes that you can enroll your child in.

Whether you’re looking for a way to introduce your child to the piano, foster social skills and teamwork, or to nurture mastery over the piano - there are suitable programmes for your child!

Individual Piano Lessons

For 3.5 years and above

Suitable for all competencies, the Individual Piano Lessons are a great way to kickstart, or further cultivate your child’s passion for the piano.

Classes are tailored to your child’s level and interest - so no class is the same!

For example, your child may also want to cultivate his or her singing abilities - so the curriculum will be tailored accordingly.
• Introduction to the music staff
• Introduction to notes on the piano (keyboard geography)
• Music theory
• Age-appropriate repertoire
• Scales and finger drills
• Introduction to sightreading
• Aural training
• Solfege singing
• Rhythm and beat
• Improvisation and composition
• Student Recitals and Exam Preparation

Small Group 
Piano Lessons

Little Pianists Programme
For 4 to 6 years-old

Music is also a fantastic way to connect young minds - which is why our Group Piano Lessons are always a hit!

In these classes, your child will develop social skills, confidence and teamwork whilst getting better at the piano.

Small Group 
Piano Primer

Kids On Keys Programme
For 3 to 5 years-old

The Group Piano Primer class is designed to lay the foundation for your child’s musical journey.

This is best-suited for young children aged 3 to 5 years-old, who may be too young for formal piano education.

The innovative curriculum will not only foster your child’s interest for music, but is also a great way to nurture your child’s sensory skills!
• Music and movement
• Music theory (rhythm, solfege, dynamics etc)
• Aural musicianship
• Keyboard geography and exploration
• Composition and music history
• Color, shape, and letter recognition

Or, If You’re Looking To Develop Other Musical Talents In Your Child… You Can Also Check These Programmes Out:

Vocal Programmes
Musical Theatre
Dance Programmes
Instrumental Programmes
Songwriting Programmes

You can enjoy 50% off the trial classes for all of these programmes too - simply register and enquire to find out more!

Beyond Just Music Lessons:
Here’s Why Parents Prefer 
Creative Hearts

Play-based learning

In our classes, children get to express their creativity and satiate their curiosity. 

After all, children learn best through play!

Personalized attention

Even in small group classes, our teachers are attentive and dedicated. Every child learns at their own pace, and our teachers are personally involved in your child’s development.

Creative and expressive activities

Music isn’t just about reading notes - but it’s also about fostering creativity and expression.

Through this, we hone important lifelong social and emotional skills in your little one.

Nurturing environment

Every child is encouraged and nurtured in our centre. We don’t focus on grades or marks in our centre.

Through proper nurturing, we believe that every child can excel musically!


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