For Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Trainers, Experts & Consultants:
Learn From The Business Coaches Who Have Worked With 
Microsoft, Disney, Amazon, Apple & Mattel...
“Breakthrough Solutions That Will Help You Acquire Highly-Qualified Clients, Position Your Brand In A Powerful Spot & Utilize Disruptive Digital Marketing... To Create A Massive Impact In Under 3 Years”
Insider secrets revealed by global business coaches Alessia & Kane Minkus to build a powerful, profitable brand...
Learn From The Business Coaches Who Have Worked With Microsoft, Disney, Amazon, Apple & Mattel...
“Breakthrough Solutions That Will Help You Acquire Highly-Qualified Clients, Position Your Brand In A Powerful Spot & Utilize Disruptive Digital Marketing... To Create A Massive Impact In Under 3 Years”
Insider secrets revealed by global business coaches Alessia & Kane Minkus to build a powerful, profitable brand...
Kane & Alessia Minkus, Regarded as the #1 Global Business Coaches
Featuring Special Guest... Kevin Harrington, the Original shark on Shark Tank
Watch This Personal Message From Kevin Harrington & Kane Minkus:
  •  Learn award-winning techniques to give your business visibility, structure, and credibility
  •  Discover the secret Business-Growth Formula to 10X your sales and revenue, generate more clients, and make more money from your business!
  •  Learn how to build a rock-solid personal brand, and position your business as the obvious FIRST choice in your industry
  •  Discover how to use unusual social media, digital marketing & partnership strategies to reach your customers all over the planet and magnify your business presence
  •  Learn to launch, build or grow any business, new division or idea from your passion... to 6 or 7 figures!
  •  Automate your business, get more time back and make a bigger difference in your industry and in the world... all while doing what you love and earning more than you ever have!
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March 29th, 10:30 - Basel
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March 31st, 12:30 - Munich
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March 31st, 18:30 - Munich
Sheraton Munich Westpark Hotel
April 1st, 12:30 - Zurich
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Kameha Grand Zurich
April 2nd, 12:30 - Geneva
Starling Hotel Geneva
April 2nd, 18:30 - Geneva
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Who Is Kevin Harrington?
  •  Special guest at the upcoming "Start At The Top" business training program with Kane & Alessia Minkus
  •  Highly sought-after for his amazing insights on product marketing, partnerships, and distribution (domestic & international)
  •  Helped numerous entrepreneurs and business owners to take their ideas and transform them into best-selling products
 The original shark on the hit TV show, Shark Tank
 Built 20 businesses grossing over $100M USD each
Owns over 500 products,
with over $5 Billion in sales
Who Are Kane & Alessia Minkus?
Between them, Kane and Alessia have founded and launched over 40 companies in 12 different countries, with a total turnover of over $220M in revenue. Three of those companies have become global leaders and brands in their industries.
As thought leaders and entrepreneurial teachers, they have taught in 32 different countries, on large stages sharing their systems and formulas for business success alongside thought leaders such as Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, and Tony Blair.
They have won over 30 awards in their industry in recognition of their global contribution to help entrepreneurs and business owners navigate, launch, and propel their companies towards success.
Kane, Alessia and the Industry Rockstar Trainers have been featured in over 330 professional magazines, newspapers and television stations worldwide... including Entrepreneur Magazine and CBS

Delivered more than 2000 events for over 10 years... training more than 400,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and experts in 25 different countries, to create accelerated growth and influence in their businesses and industries, with the Industry Rockstar System

They have been personally invited to work with and present their business growth techniques along the greatest thought leaders of our time, including Tony Blair, Bill Clinton, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and many more

Kane and Alessia have worked with numerous corporate clients, including Amazon, Apple, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Sony, Boeing, IBM, Disney, and many more...

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9 Advanced Business Growth
Techniques You Will Discover
At This Workshop
Industry-Positioning Tactics
How to be recognized as the #1 expert in your field... Plus, 7 cutting-edge strategies you can use to dominate your marketplace
The Secret to Getting Heard
Discover exactly what you need to differentiate yourself and cut through the noise and make your customers remember your brand!
Product Creation Techniques
Learn advanced product development ideas that allow you to turn your ideas into awesome offers that bring in streams of revenue
Score Partnerships Easily
Learn how to effortlessly score an endless stream of partnerships and joint ventures by using proven methods
Generate More Leads
Discover how you can use powerful marketing techniques to generate leads at low cost, and thus secure more customers for your business
Gain Influence Mastery
Use influential presentation and persuasion tactics to influence any audience, and build desire for your products and services
Boost Your Efficiency
Master awesome productivity tools and outsourcing strategies to skyrocket your efficiency by at least
4 times
Improve Your Marketing
Throw away the old-school ways of marketing and advertising that do NOT work, and learn how to use new marketing channels to promote your business
Secret Selling Strategies
Convert any interested person into raving, paying customers who are hungry for your high-end products and services

Claim 1 FREE Ticket To Attend The Upcoming "Start At The Top"  Business Conference 
"An additional $250,000 in 6 weeks!"

  Melina Schamroth
Founder/CEO - MAD Woman
"I made over $83,000 in 2 days by applying the strategies I learnt from Kane!"

David Hunt,
Share Market Advisor
Increased her average revenue per speaking event from $5k to $25k!

Karen-Baker Blum
Owner - Business As Pleasure
Here's What Some Students Are Saying About Kane & Alessia After Attending Their
"Start At The Top" Workshop...
"I was able to quit my 17 hour a day job & earn a high 5-figure salary within the first 3 months of working with Kane.

Allison Shreeve,
4x world champion windsurfer, small business leadership coach
"Closed a $6,000 client while attending Kane's Business Workshop!"
Sarah Leung,
Health Coach
"I was able to generate an extra $48,000 worth of business after working with Kane for a month"

George Bastoli
Sales & Marketing Coach For Small Businesses
Who Is This Event Most Suitable For?
You're In Business For Yourself
This workshop is specifically designed for you, and you'll discover a treasure trove of industry secrets that you didn't know.
You're A Coach, Consultant, Trainer or Speaker
From life coaches, to business consultants - You'll discover how you can acquire (and retain) high-value clients.
You're A Freelancer, Contractor or Practitioner
If that's you, you must come so you'll discover how to position yourself better and charge more for your services!
You're A Holistic Entrepreneur
If your goal is to have business that gives you a way of life that impacts others and makes the World around you a better place, you must come!
You Want to Transform
Your Business
You want to learn a proven formula that has impacted thousands of businesses and could transform yours as well.
You Want to Increase
Your Income This Year
You want to make a lot of money, help the people around you, and have a great time doing it all at the same time.
Join Other Passionate Business Owners,
Entrepreneurs and Experts Looking To Have
Major Business Breakthroughs At This
"One Of A Kind" Event!
Kane & Alessia are world class trainers that are known for transferring their knowledge to their students effectively.

They actively employ their very own teachings in businesses OUTSIDE of the training industry...

And give a balanced and unique male and female perspective and a set of strategies to successfully grow a business in any country or economy in the world.

There are few other trainers who have both made such a widespread, profound training impact with students globally and have ACTUALLY created the success that they are teaching about.

Attend Industry Rockstar's "Start At The Top" and see how you can start using Kane & Alessia's unique, world class business growth strategies and techniques... TODAY!
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We have to say this stuff legally and it's important to know. We've taken every effort to ensure we accurately represent this seminar and it's potential to help you. However, we do not purport this as a "get rich scheme" and by law we cannot guarantee that you will achieve any results or earn any money from attending this seminar. Your level of success in attaining results is dependent upon a number of factors including your skill, knowledge, ability, dedication, business savvy, business focus, business goals, partners, promotions, audience, and financial situation. Because these factors differ according to individuals, we cannot guarantee your success, income level, results, or ability to earn revenue. You alone are responsible for your actions and results in life and business. This seminar is for educational use only and we make no representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, or completeness of its contents. Any forward-looking statements outlined in our promotions are simply our opinions, estimates, expectations or forecasts for future potential, and thus are not guarantees or promises for actual performance. As required by law, we can make no guarantees that you will achieve any results from our ideas or models presented during the seminar and we do not offer professional, legal or financial advice. Our only guarantee is that you'll be satisfied with the quality of the program. If you are not satisfied you can have a full refund. Under no circumstances will the creators of or experts represented in this program be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, punitive, special, incidental or other consequential damages arising directly or indirectly from any use of this material. We are not responsible for your actions or the information or actions of any third party that may be part of the contents or promotions of this program. By enrolling and participating in this seminar you agree to these statements and agree not to hold our company liable for your results or actions. You also agree to let us know if you are unhappy with the seminar so that we can address your concerns or refund your tuition.