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Dive into our Case Studies section to explore how we've propelled businesses to new heights with our innovative digital marketing strategies. 

Each Case Study represents different industries we've helped deliver results with remarkable ROI in. Learn how our tailored solutions can transform your business too!

Here Are Some Sales Funnels That We’ve Built:

Here Are Some Sales Funnels 
That We’ve Built:

Property Investing Education

 Established as the #1 authority in UK property investing

 Generated 7-Figures in revenue within 12 months

Early Brain Development Program

 Established as the #1 authority early brain development education

 Achieved over $400,000 in revenue within 6 months

Music Enrichment Centre

 Went from virtually 0 online presence, to the #1 Music & Science enrichment center in Singapore

 Generated over 300 leads within 6 months for their paid trials

Financial Planning Agency

 Over $40,000 in production in just one month!

 Average case size of $6-8K with over 30% conversion rate

And I, as a master castle investor who has successfully flipped hundreds of castles, what I do is bring together the brightest minds in finance, repair, flipping and finding profitable castle deals to give you an edge on your competition.

So what I've done is I've created this LIVE summit to teach you the process too. 

If you click the link, you can join us today.

We also have one on one coaching and deal financing assistance, but this summit is all about the magical castle investing summit , which is amazing.

I'm Sparkles The Unicorn and I can't wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.

Mayee Fong

Founder Of Bob The Baker Boy

"My revenue started doubling, tripling, quadrupling & I eventually earned $35,000 per month... just 9 months after learning from Patricia & Calvin!”
"Generated 700 leads For AN Event & Made $300,000 in 3 days"


Founder of "The Mahima Mindset"

"Zion Global Marketing helped us to generate 700 leads in just 1 month which resulted in an event we had, where we made $300,000 in 3 days."

Take A Look At Some Of The Different Types Of Funnels That We’ve Built!

Take A Look At Some Of The Different Types Of Funnels That We’ve Built!

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